Swap Net Listings For April 2, 2024

Ready to sell those no longer wanted or needed ham radio toys? This net occurs every Tuesday evening at 7:00pm with Steve W7RMG
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Swap Net Listings For April 2, 2024

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Hey Everybody
Here again with this week's Tuesday Night Swap Net Listings.
All listings will be posted here on the my513.net forums each week after the net ends.
If you need your listing updated or corrected, you may send me an email at the address below and let me know what needs to be changed.
If your item(s) have been sold I will simply indicate it as such in your listing instead of just deleting it. This verifies to others that the item(s) have definitely been sold.
Listings will not be posted the following week unless the lister relists their sale or wanted item(s) during the net.
If you see something here you are interested in, please contact the lister via their contact information.

K7GT - ALLAN - GOLD HILL, OR - 541-821-9250 or k7gt@charter.net
FOR SALE: Radio Shack HT amplifier 5W in 25W out. $20
FOR SALE: Kenwood TM255 2m all-mode fm/ssb/cw separable head, 100 memory channels (no DCS) 35W - $300
FOR SALE: Kenwood TR-251A 2m all-mode fm/ssb/cw basic radio,10 memory channels, no tone card - $150
FOR SALE: Mirage B310G 100W 2m linear amp 100W. Original Mirage mfg. It has been around but works great - $100
FOR SALE: Astron 20A 20 Amp 13.8V power supply - $75
FOR SALE: Astron 35A 35 Amp 13.8V power supply - $120

N7HEX - JAGUR - JEFFERSON, OR - n7hex.radio@gmail.com
FOR SALE: Elecraft MH-3 microphone for use with the KX-2 or the KX-3 - $50.00.
FOR SALE: NIB LDG AT-100 Pro II antenna tuner, 125W capability, two antenna ports - $200.00.
FOR SALE: Chameleon 17ft telescoping whip antenna. The CHA SS17 is a standalone stainless-steel whip made of 10 sections which extend to 17' and collapses to 27". The whip can easily operate a full quarter wave from 6M through 20M with manual adjustment without the need of a loading coil - $50.00

W7ETK - STEVE - CORVALLIS, OR - (text only) 541-829-8170 or steveaudio@yahoo.com
FOR SALE: Alinco DJ-S40 70cm HT, in fair shape, has normal wear, uses AA batteries - $5.00.
FOR SALE: Unimetrics Sandpiper 25 VHF marine transceiver, crystal controlled, 25-watt output. Maybe use for APRS or similar? - $5.00.
FOR SALE: Hallicrafters SR-34, 6 & 2 meter transceiver, AM/CW, 20-watt output, use either 4 position crystal control switch or external VFO. In very good condition – MAKE OFFER.

Thanks to all who checked in and/or listed tonight.
Total amount of check ins (including listings) 15

Got stuff to sell or want but can’t check into Swap Net? No worries! Just shoot me an email at the link below with your list and I’ll get it on the air for you. Just give a brief description about each of your items. Please be sure to include your call sign, city location and contact information. Your listing will be included with the listing read back at the end of the net.
Remember, ham radio items only but also can include computer gear, test gear and electronic parts.

Interested in trying your hand at running Swap Net?
Even if its just one time only or if you’d like to help out by alternating every other Tuesday evening, contact me at the email address below.


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