Swap Net Listings For November 1, 2022

Ready to sell those no longer wanted or needed ham radio toys? This net occurs every Tuesday evening at 7:00pm with Steve W7RMG
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Swap Net Listings For November 1, 2022

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Hey Everybody
Here again with this week's Tuesday Night Swap Net Listings.
All listings will be posted here on the my513.net forums each week after the net ends.
If you need your listing updated or corrected, you may send me an email at the address below and let me know what needs to be changed.
If your item(s) have been sold I will simply indicate it as such in your listing instead of just deleting it. This verifies to others that the item(s) have definitely been sold.
Listings will not be posted the following week unless the lister relists their sale or wanted item(s) during the net.
If you see something here you are interested in, please contact the lister via their contact information. 


NF7Z - NELSON - EUGENE, OR -nfarrier@gmail.com
FOR SALE: IC-756 Pro in excellent condition. 
Selling for a 91 year-old ham friend and his wife.
Used in a non-smoking environment.  Asking $675.00.

FOR SALE: G5RV Wire Antenna 160-10 Meters, 102 Ft Long
Is in good condition and ready w/ insulators to use - $55.00. 

FOR SALE: Ameritron ARB-704 Amplifier Interface -- Excellent Condition
This interface is designed to work with any amplifier/radio combination. Comes with original box, power supply and two RCA cables for use on many radios (see list from MFJ https://mfjenterprises.com/products/arb-704 for which radios a special cable is needed.) - $65.00.
FOR SALE: PNP-8D Interface Cable for Ameritron ARB-704 to connect it to a Yaesu FT-1000, 2000, 5000 series, 900, 920, 990, 747GX, and 767GX radios
Excellent Condition - $20.00. 
PNP-8M Interface Cable for Ameritron ARB-704 to connect it to a Yaesu FT-817, 840, and 890 radios. Is in Excellent Condition - $20.00
FOR SALE: PNP-13D Interface Cable for Ameritron ARB-704 to connect it to a Icom 706 series and 7300 radios. Is in Excellent Condition - $20.00.
FOR SALE: RIGblaster Advantage USB Interface – With original box, cables & six pre-wired mic jumper blocks to match the most popular radios: Icom, Yaesu, Kenwood, JRC, SGC and Elecraft. In excellent condition and was used in a non-smoking, pet-free environment - $120.00. 

FOR SALE: FLEX-6400M Signature Series SDR Transceiver + Automatic Tuner Kit -- Almost New Condition! 8-inch 1920x1200 touchscreen display, 100W PEP, covers HF-6m operation
 All modes/all bands.
The transceiver is less than a year old, was used in a non-smoking, pet-free environment. Power cable and mic included - $3,000.00.

All above items are SOLD-AS-IS and may be picked up in Eugene or shipped. Buyer to pay insured shipping costs.
A complete description and photos of all items can be seen here on my513.net under the Swap Net/For Sale Forum.
AI7HL - ELDON - JUNCTION CITY, OR - ai7hl@moondog.org
FOR SALE: Yaesu FTM-400, dual band, dual receive, color touch screen, APRS, C4 Fusion.
FOR SALE: Yaesu FTM-300, dual band, dual receive, non-touch color screen, APRS, C4 Fusion.
FOR SALE: Yaesu FTM-200, dual band, single receive.
All radios come with their original boxes.
Contact Eldon for pricing.
Thanks to all who checked in and/or listed tonight.
Total amount of check ins (including listings) 8

Got stuff to sell or want but can’t check into Swap Net? No worries! Just shoot me an email at the link below with your list and I’ll get it on the air for you. Just give a brief description about each of your items and include your call sign, city location and contact information. Your listing will be included with the listing read back at the end of the net.
Remember, ham radio items only but also can include computer gear, test gear and electronic parts.

Interested in trying your hand at running Swap Net?
Even if its just one time only or if you’d like to help out by alternating every other Tuesday, contact me at the email address below. Being a Net Control Operator for Swap Net or any other net can be a fun and educational experience!

OR, maybe you would like to help out with any of the other nets:

For The News Net Contact Steve W7ETK at steveaudio@yahoo.com for details.
For The Anything Goes Open Net Contact Bruce KG7TUO at kg7tuo@gmail.com


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