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Swap Net Listings For October 23, 2018 - W7RMG - 10-23-2018

Hey Everybody,
Here again with this week's Tuesday Night Swap Net Listings.
All listings will be posted here on the forums each week after the net ends.
If you need your listing updated or corrected, you may send me a Private Message (PM) here on the forums and let me know what needs to be changed.
If your item(s) have been sold I will simply indicate it as such in your listing instead of just deleting it. This verifies to others that the item(s) have definitely been sold.
Listings will not be posted the following week unless the lister relists their sale or wanted item(s) during the net.
If you see something here you are interested in, please contact the lister via their contact information.  

W7ETK – STEVE – CORVALLIS – text 541-829-8170
FOR SALE: Scanners:  Radio Shack: Pro-2023, Pro-35 and Pro 59 – Make offer.
                                        Bearcat 210XL – Make offer.
                                        Uniden: BC350C - $50.00, BCT-7 - $50.00.
FREE: Two satellite receivers down converted to 900Mhz for ATV use. Both come with remotes – Steve is tired of tripping over these things and needs them GONE.
FOR SALE: MFJ-1425 Video Processor for ATV. Monitors both input and output video – make offer.
FREE: Magnets, heavy duty ones from blown woofers and speakers.
WANTED: Antenna for a Motorola Sabre HT.
WANTED: 1.2GHz repeater or the components to start the build on one.
W7TVS -  TRAVIS – JUNCTION CITY -  call or text 541-248-0219
FOR SALE: Diamond SRHF 40A Superflex HT antenna - $15.00.
K6STX – DAN – KEIZER – 503-393-5487
FOR SALE: Icom IC-7410 HF transceiver, with mic, manual, box and power cord - $750.00.
FOR SALE: Halicrafters S-40B receiver, works, with parts from 3 other non-working S-40B’s - $30.00
K7FIL -  PHIL - MADRAS - 541-598-6486
WANTED: Yaesu FT-8800 2m/70cm mobile.
WANTED: A stackable, low profile radio cabinet for the Samlex 23A SEC-1212 power supply.
FOR SALE: Dentron MLA-2500B amp, has only one tube, hasn’t been powered up in ten years so will need to be brought up on a Variac. It has only one of the Eimac 8875 tubes, the second tube shorted then was removed. Original documents included. – $300.00.
FOR SALE: Heathkit SB-614 station monitor. Good condition, original manual included – $125.00.
FOR SALE: Drake MN-2700 switched inductor tuner. Matches Drake’s 7 line equipment, original manual included – $175.00.
WANTED: Deep cycle batteries, either 6V or 12V.
Listing for a fellow ham, Ron, N7YLW, Redmond, Oregon, 541-556-0712:
Ron is selling a large number of gear and it all can be seen on the Redmond Craigslist.

Thanks to all who checked in and/or listed tonight.
Total amount of check ins (including listings) 17.
Got stuff to sell or want but can’t check into Swap Net? No worries! Just shoot me an email at the link below with your list and I’ll get it on the air for you. Just give a brief description about each of your items and include your call sign, city location and contact information. Emailing helps with multiple items and accuracy.
Remember, ham radio items only but also can include computer gear, test gear and electronic parts.