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Swap Net Listings For October 16, 2018 - W7RMG - 10-16-2018

K7KIO – BRIAN - EUGENE – 541-913-5263
FOR SALE: Four 811A Soviet tubes, they are new and were a spare set for an older amp. Contact for price. Will trade also.

KE7ITF – SCOTT - ALBANY - or 831-673-0313
FOR SALE: Icom IC-T70a dual band HT - mint no box.. Used once. $100.00.
FOR SALE:  TYT MD-380 analog/digital HT, 70cm only, w/spare battery, stubby and regular antennas and USB programming cable and disc. Great condition in box - $50.00.
FOR SALE:  TWO AnyTone TERMN 8-R HT's. Rare and highly desired. Mint, no box. $75.00 each
FOR SALE: Wouxun KG-920UVP dual band mobile. Lightly used, excellent condition, in box. $100.00.

W7ETK – STEVE – CORVALLIS – text 541-829-8170
FOR SALE: Scanners:  Radio Shack: Pro-2023, Pro-35 and Pro 59 – Make offer.
                                        Bearcat 210XL – Make offer.
                                        Uniden: BC350C - $50.00, BCT-7 - $50.00.
FREE: Two satellite receivers down converted to 900Mhz for ATV use. Both come with remotes – Steve is tired of tripping over these things and needs them GONE.
FOR SALE: MFJ-1425 Video Processor for ATV. Monitors both input and output video – make offer.
FREE: Magnets, heavy duty ones from blown woofers and speakers.
WANTED: Antenna for a Motorola Sabre HT.

KD0YKK – JOHN - BLUE RIVER – 314-745-1328
Has parts for an end fed half-wave antenna, would like to possibly trade for a Kenwood/Baofeng HT mic
FOR SALE: MFJ-943E tuner - $60.00.
FOR SALE: SDR - $60.00.

WANTED: Heil headset. Bill is on a fixed income and would like to arrange a payment plan.
WANTED: Help with the Logbook of The World software.
WANTED: HF amplifier, preferably a Heathkit SB-200.

KE7PYM – ROY – ALBANY – 541-981-1974
FOR SALE: Two 2meter beam antennas on a single boom, T-connected - $100.00.
FOR SALE: Astron RS-12A power supply - $40.00.
FOR SALE: 3-piece Diamond S-23H 2m vertical base antenna - $100.00. Also interested in trading
For a couple of Kenwood 281A’s.

KI7TGX – DAVID – EUGENE – contact via QRZ
WANTED: HF amp, 600w output, Ameritron or similar.

FOR SALE: Heathkit SB-200 amp, no tubes – Make offer.
FOR SALE: Dentron MLA-2500B amp – Make offer.
FOR SALE: Heathkit SB-614 station monitor – Make offer.
FOR SALE: Drake MN-2700 roller inductor tuner – Make offer.

FOR SALE: Icom IC-208H dual band mobile (but is single receive only) w/Bendix power supply and rollup J-pole antenna - $200.00.
For the radio alone - $150.00.