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Full Version: ISS Digipeater
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If anybody is interested the digipeater on the ISS has been down off and on. Just An FYI if any body is interested. A good source of information on the ISS and other satilite work can be found at.

Good news it looks like they turned it back on steady for a while
UPDATE on the ISS Digipeater....
Welll it looks as though the are using it off and on at times more off than on you can find stations that have information going through it to an IGATE here
UPDATE The ISS is back to running the digipeater full time it looks like. I have been working through it for a few days now.....
If you want to work through it use RS0ISS-4
If you want to connect to the BBS use RS0ISS-11
Not sure about the 440 side I have not give it a shot yet maybe this week end.
I need some equipment!! Sounds cool. And sorry I didnt get back to you, I got a phone call!

Not a problem K7UND was looking for you also. will have to get you hooked up with something Smile
Sweet sounds like a plan!