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Agon was a blast last week.One of my favorite nets.Thanks guys for doing it,73
I'll have to admit AGON is a bit unusual and original but that's what makes it interesting and fun. I haven't heard anything like it on any other repeater. I can tell Dale sure has fun doing the net since he has that radio DJ thing going on. Keep up the good work Dale and I'm listening....
There is only one
I definitely have to agree the AGON net is definitely one of my favs. Keep up the great work!
Seconded. Sometimes it is slow, sometimes you can't get a word in edgewise. Sometimes it is rather "Rated E for Everyone", and sometimes it gets a little divisive... but Dale always does a good job being nice to everyone, keeping things moving, and making it a fun net. Thanks, Dale! AGON, Newsline, and the Tuesday Night Swap are all on my calendar. Sportsman's Net would be too, if I didn't have other obligations on Wednesday.

Yet another reason I enjoy the 513 repeater. The nets are enjoyable and people are generally friendly and upbeat.
I think in my opinion that one agon is ok but not so much for 2. but having it saturday would be ok but people would have to get use to the change. It's been my experience that when you change the date sometimes it takes a while to get back together! We still have yet to put the chess net together and we don't know what days those are gonna be yet either. Just sayin I don't know but swap net there can only be 1 per week! Will that will play out for the other nets. As per fcc rules?

Stacey Droid X 2....
W7WZA Wrote:I'm still looking for that button where ya click for agon complaint dept..?? I'd like to complain.... Lol

I have a ball with agon, and the great minds that put it on are top shelf! I'd kinda like to see a Saturday Night agon myself. I know Dale would probley wouldn't be able to run it, but I think that a 8-9pm ish or 9:30ish would be great. What does everyone else think of having 2 agons and making the new one on Saturday? We could also discuss where the Sunday morning gathering will be, as its becoming a huge success.

Wow that is a great Idea but I think you should come up with a new name to be a bit original there Chris. I think you just the guy that can do it.
kc7nht Wrote:Wow that is a great Idea but I think you should come up with a new name to be a bit original there Chris. I think you just the guy that can do it.

Hmm the Burrito net? lol
KF7NXR Wrote:Hmm the Burrito net? lol

......with gravy......
W7RMG Wrote:......with gravy......

I _DO_ love some gravy! And burritos. And steak, and eggs, and mashed potatoes, and... I could keep going for a while on this one.

My vote would be for a longer AGON. I don't know if Dale (Or his significant other) would be up for it, but I'll "vote" for it if he can do it. We've already got the date and time set, so there wouldn't be any change to that side of things. Then we wouldn't have a drop in "readership" due to a changed schedule.

I've got no problems with adding a Saturday night net - regardless of the topic (AGON, chess, tech, "Burrito Net", what-have-you). It COULD help with breakfast club scheduling... AGON on Friday could do that as well. I kinda agree with Harry about the "Regroup and refresh" thing. Having a different net control would change the flavor of the net and might be enough to draw people in again.

My suggestion: try it and see how it goes. Give it a few weeks. If it takes off, keep it. If not, then I guess you've got your answer. :^)

Aaand, back to work for me!
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