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I probably should just send this via PM to the Admin but I'm putting it here so others can see that they can do the same thing I'm doing.

So, Admin, as you can see, I have a .GIF image of "Taz" as my avatar. It's actually very small, just over 8KB. And obviously they're allowed. But in my experience, seeing the same moving image on several posts on the same page, if I happen to post a lot in a thread, can get a tad bit annoying.....SOMETIMES. So if too many people complain, just a FYI, you actually have a setting in the software somewhere that will tell the threads to only show my avatar ONE TIME on any given page, even if I were to post multiple posts, as in a back and forth conversation with someone. Same thing for images in signatures.

LOL! I guess my recent activity on here has started to spark some of my old interests in the forums, avatars, bios, profiles, etc. Forgot how fun it was! :o
<<<<<< Example.
for those that don't like animated GIFs Smile

[COLOR="blue"]Disable animated GIFs in Firefox:

go to about:config
set image.animation_mode to non[/COLOR]e

Is there other / better ways to do this?
Thanks, dude!!! I forgot about that one! I may just get rid of it, actually. Not sure yet. It IS one of my favorites and usually, unless your resolution is like a 1900x1600, you don't really see more than a couple instances. But that's also why i offered the suggestion of that setting. I've used it before in my forums and a lot of other forum administrators will use it as well. Thanks for reminding me of that!!!