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Full Version: Live-streaming Audio from Marys Peak
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I'm curious if anyone's given this some consideration.

I mean, it would be a great way to get more people interested/informed about the system and the association. Additionally, for those just getting started or otherwise having limited equipment, it would be a great way to just listen-in and learn more.
As a matter of fact......
I was certainly gonna talk to Chris about it first, but I was thinkn, maybe next tax time, or even sooner, setting up one machine dedicated to a 24 hr feed and getting a "Broadcastify" account and using one of my older 10 channel scanners and feedig it live to RadioReference thru broadcastify. I was gona use a scanner specifically so I could program 513 marys pk, buck AND coburg ridge, and maybe even Hagen. That way if any one of those went down for some reason, the scanner(already scanning of course) would just skip right past and grab the next available signal. That way, Im not relying on just one signal source. I can do it right now if I wanted. I just hav a couple computers down and dont have one I feel leaving on 24/7 and dedicating to the feed. U dont hav to hav a dedicated machine. It can be the computer U use every day. Bit me.personally, I would want to. And maybe also make it a simplex Echolink node. Sort of a dedicated 24/7 ham box. Anyway, Ive definitely looked into it, figured out what I need to do it and plan on it. I just havnt had time to get it up and running. I think a lot of people would enjoy it, for sure!!!

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Hi Jeff....sorry for taking so long to reply. far as I am aware, Broadcastify is a fee-based service. I'm also a basic member of RadioReference, but I see no need to become a premium member just to listen to what I can for free with a scanner or my ham rig. I was suggesting it for folks with smartphones and computers who don't want to pay for a service, but may still have an interest in ham radio.
Here's another interesting use for this idea:

If you could "hear yourself" by listening to the streaming audio while transmitting into the system, you could do your own signal checks. :^) No need to wait for someone to respond and tell you in some vague way how you sound!

I'm going to go out on a limb here (Please don't take this as a hint Chris, because it isn't) and say that if anyone had an existing Echolink node connected to the system, that'd be the most convenient way to get what you're looking for, Richard. Too bad you can't use a "Listen-only" Echolink stream for non-hams (At least, not that I'm aware of). The equipment is already in place and the data is already flowing to the Internet - somewhere. You'd just have to find a way to get to it.