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Full Version: Pictures of my "shack"... lean and mean.
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Pictures of my new "shack". Got the speaker mic and external antenna on my TH-F6. The antenna is stuck on the top of a steel desk. And since the HT doesn't really care about the SWR, no worries. I never even need to pick up the radio to operate... only to change the battery with a spare that's sitting over on the charger.

I can get into the Coburg receiver no problem at 0.5 watts. Minimalism. Yay!


Looks good and simple. Well done.

I'm a little confused about your statement that your HT doesn't care about SWR. I'm a relatively new ham, so I may be mistaken, but I was under the impression that the SWR is important to any transmitter to reduce power reflected (and at an extreme, damaging the transmitter). Am I missing something here?
Hello KG7ESV. I was just listening to you on the radio about 2 minutes ago. Smile

I think a lot of the other guys probably know more than I do on this. But generally a typical HT antenna is pretty horrible. There is no ground plane and it's a huge compromise in the name of convenience. I believe that HT's are designed with that in mind. So they tolerate a less-than-ideal antenna situation better than your normal radio.
KG7ESV Wrote:I'm a little confused about your statement that your HT doesn't care about SWR.... {snip}

And going back and re-reading my statement... you are correct. I think "doesn't care" was an over-statement on my part. Let's just say they aren't as picky.