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Full Version: K7UND's current "shack" aka garage
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Hey Y'all,

I am working on my shack to now include HF equipment. I installed a grounding system and installed some HF gear on loan. My new antenna tuner and accessories get here today. Also got my garage added to the ADT alarm system for safe measure.


Chris Underwood, K7UND/AG

Nice lookin' shack so far! Love how the ground rod and bus installation turned out - it looks very clean and professional! Sure looks a lot neater than my bench right now - I've got my TNC in pieces all over (Waiting for me to replace the broken power connector), the Swan 350 in pieces next to it (I think it needs to be re-capped and I know it needs some tubes - unless my tube tester is lying to me), and the usual assortment of "stuff" floating around that I need to find a more-permanent home for.

Smart move on the security panel - never can be too safe!
Thanks!!! I made my first contact tonight!!! Spoke with K6UIP in San Diego on 20m @ 14.254 MHz using a random wire and my new tuner. I was an S7 down there with 15watts on a 15' wire 3' off the ground!!! I was only testing my tuner LOL!!! I am hooked now for sure!!


Chris Underwood, K7UND/AG
That's some nice looking work. I will be setting up an HF station in a couple days. I was not going to have any kind of grounding. I'm starting to think that might be a bad thing. The wife will totally not go for that particular look in our office. Actually, having a coax cable running through the window is pushing it.

Chris Underwood