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Full Version: Steve's Saturday Night Mayhem
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Saturday Nights got you down?

Tired of the lack of nets on everyone's favorite weekend evening?

We've got the cure!

Saturday nights. 8:30 - 9:00ish (Or whenever he feels like it). 145.130- repeater. Hosted by one of the Steves (Little Steve, KC7NUD). BE THERE.

This is a new round table net and will cover "Whatever Steve wants". Each week will start with a theme. Some of the ideas being bounced around are "old computers / electronics", "old radio equipment", "vintage stereo", and "music trivia".

Think of it as a different flavor of AGON, but a little less Dale and a little more Steve.

Tonight's "net" ran from about 8:30 until 11:25, and had about either check-ins. Covered topics were: alcohol, vintage radios (Both amateur and commercial receivers / turntables / amplifiers, and speakers), music and music instruments, Bob's 19 cent hamburgers, MP3 technology, and music trivia. Fun was had by all, and we even helped some people with QSTs about accidents on the road and directions for getting around them.

Look for us again next week!
This was the most fun I've had on 2 meters thus far. Thanks Steve KC7NUD, Vaughn W0ULF and a few others. Looking forward to next Saturday.

Nice!! It should be a real kick in the pants!!
Thanks for posting....8 chickens...or checkins last sat....steve