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Full Version: Swap Net Listings For March 20, 2018
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Hey Everybody,
Here again with this week's Tuesday Night Swap Net Listings.
All listings will be posted here on the forums each week after the net ends.
If you need your listing updated or corrected, you may send me a Private Message (PM) here on the forums and let me know what needs to be changed.
If your item(s) have been sold I will simply indicate it as such in your listing instead of just deleting it. This verifies to others that the item(s) have definitely been sold.
Listings will not be posted the following week unless the lister relists their sale or wanted item(s) during the net.
If you see something here you are interested in, please contact the lister via their contact information.

WANTED: Belt clip and the wall wart for a Radio Shack Pro-79.
WANTED: 60 foot of push up pole or masting.
K7FOS – EVAN – PORTLAND – 541-844-8869 or contact via PRA repeaters
FOR SALE: Rigol DSA815-TG spectrum analyzer, 9Khz to 1.5GHz, has built in tracking generator - $1,000.00.
KG7TUP – HENRY – ROGUE RIVER – 541-244-8354
WANTED: 2M/70CM mobile, preferably with a base microphone to use in a base station installation.
WANTED: Aviation audio panels (from an aircraft) that has the selector switches.
KG2RS – MONTE – LINCOLN CITY – 971-202-8735
FOR SALE: Kenwood SM-220 Station Monitor, very nice condition, not sure if the optional pan adapter is installed - $250.00.
KI7ITJ – JASON – MEDFORD – 707-696-6031 or
WANTED: 2 meter repeater parts and pieces to complete an entire repeater, cans, radio, antennas, controllers, ect.
Thanks to all who checked in and/or listed tonight.
Total amount of check ins (including listings) 18
Got stuff to sell or want but can’t check into Swap Net? No worries! Just shoot me an email at the link below with your list and I’ll get it on the air for you. Just give a brief description about each of your items and include your contact information. Remember, ham radio items only but also can include computer gear, test gear and electronic parts.