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Full Version: Satellite communication capable antenna?
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I've been thinking of getting this antenna:

Has anybody had experience using it? It seems to have good reviews on eham, and it looks like it'd work well with my FT-60r.

I'd love to try getting into amateur satellite communications, so if anybody has any pointers please let me know. Thank you. Smile
Ive heard nothing but great stuff on arrows! Lots of youtube on it!
I have one of these:

If you'd like to see it or give it a try on your radio, just let me know at the next club meeting and you're more than welcome to take a look. It usually hangs out in the back of my car and is awaiting the 2m module for my KX3.
Just as a follow-up, I ended up getting that antenna and it works wonderfully! I made a satellite contact on it to SO-50 with great distance about 6 months ago (I haven't tried lately since the amsat site was hacked and that had been my primary mode of sat tracking). It's a shame that there aren't more birds in the air.