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Full Version: Coburg Ridge???
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Hey, we have a sub-forum(Im in now), called "Marys Peak Repeater 145.13".
Why not a sub-forum for each of the other machines?? or just call this sub-forum, "PRA Repeaters"??

Anyway, beside the point. Just curious....what's up with coburg ridge?? The .325 isn't keying up.
Something happened to it Friday so I shut it off. I'll be going up there maybe Wednesday or Thursday. I'll report back.

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Hmmm.....that SUCKS!
Sounds like you got it back up!
Heard ya say a bad connector needed re-soldered and the PA crapped out, going barefoot for a while.
At least it's up!
Yep it is up. Took two trips up the hill. We will be adding a second DB408 on the backup KEZI tower and then we will be able to really take advantage of my 40db preamp. We will also be putting out some power too.

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