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Full Version: Mid Valley Culture
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A couple of weeks ago, I took a lady friend
back home to Lebanon from PDX airport.

Enjoyed the scenery and people were cool.
Also got an education in valley culture.

I dropped into a small town chain grocery store,
and rather than see the Nat'l Enquirer and Women's Day
magazines on the rack at the check-out, there were
the latest editions of Guns and Ammo, and Field and Stream. LOL

Another thing I noticed was that at several farms out in the boonies were
large homemade signs saying God Bless America. Nice.

The Mid Valley Culture:
I think I get it now, and it's all good.

Been looking to move either to eastern Marion or Linn County,
Sick of the overpopulation and chaos in Portland.

Wish me luck...
The over-population, over-progress and hustle n' bustle is fine for some folks I spose, but I can do without it!!

It gotta be east? Don't decide until you get a good look at Corvallis, Monroe, Philomath, west hills west of Junction City and the like, like where our Field Day's gonna be. Sure is pretty just headin out into the coast range from this side. We lived 10+ years out in Swisshome/Deadwood. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!