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Full Version: No more link?
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The 694 link has been down for a bit now.Is it no longer linked to the 513? That is why I haven't been on the nets for weeks.
We are pretty certain that the link hub antenna is sustaining degraded performance currently as we ware not able to get into it with a remote base station and only close link hub sites with yagis are able to get in perhaps. This may not be the case, but I suspect it is due to the performance degradation we have seen with sites that are more local. Hopefully as soon as MP is accessible we shall see what the culprit is.
I'm not sure where the 694 is located but I have a gp-9 up 32ft and I used to slam it good,and it did the same to me too,and with my 5 element yagi nothing happens anymore.Oh well.....this too shall pass,lol.
Don't forget, you can always check the PRA site(below) for updates on the repeaters in our network. It's not always the most current but usually pretty close. King Mt's been having issues. Is that because of the hub on Mary? Is it the system on King? Who knows.
Remember, coming out of and during the winter months, it's usually near impossible to get to some of these sites until weather permits. I'm sure all of our repeater owners appreciate our patience. We certainly appreciate THEM!!! We'll hear you back on soon, George!
Was on King in a snow cat for KDRV-12 Medford.... stoped by our building.... antennas on the tower look ok to my shocking! the power amp (110watt) is fine but the Driver 250mw is not working.... i did not have anything with me but i know what the problem is..... After i get back from my Hi trip we should be able to get into king mt. mid May......

that is the update