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Full Version: 145.130- Repeater Coverage
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What sort of range/coverage reports do you have for the 145.130- repeater? Think you have a record for distance? Low power use? Unusual antenna configuration (Or just have a funny story about an antenna in really bad shape that still made it in)? Share it here!
W7WZA just got in from the Madras / Terrebonne Highway 97 scales at full quieting. Not bad from eastern Oregon!
The first couple of times I talked to you guys up north of me was direct into the 513 machine.That was before I knew about the linked 964.That was also back in the summer.My mounts that I sent for should be here monday.Then I will mount my little 5 element beam up there and talk directly into the 513,this time I won't need no steekin' 'conditions',LOL.
If you go to you can see the coverage in map form. Click on map!

Stacey Droid X 2....