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Full Version: Forgot who mentioned last night at the club meeting. Club Stickers
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Who made them and more importantly how do I get them, lastly how much?

I am one of the Eugene folks by the way..
Steve, KC7NUD has them. They are $2 each, and come in blue, black, and red!
They are really cool.

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Wanna see what they look like?? Look at Stacey or Chris(TVL)'s avatar pictures.(if they haven't changed them)
Im waiting for the inside clear backed with white! But they have the logo! Pretty cool!!

Excellent, next time I see him I will get a few.

Thanks all!
I am going to do die cut next..still have red and blue...just geta hold of me....steve
I have red and blue, going to get die cut this next time around, and t shirts....steve
Great stickers, but...

Who will be the first to get this?

K7ZZY Wrote:Great stickers, but...

Who will be the first to get this?

Honestly, that should be Ray's. He started this forum anyway. But that is pretty cool.
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