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Full Version: "New Thread Indication"
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Hey Ray(KF7NXR),

Just a FYI, something to look into maybe, when I log into the forum, right away I see all the new thread/reply indications(blue/green quote balloons on the left) show up just fine but if I stay logged in more than a few minutes or look at one or two NEW replies or my inbox and go back to the main forum, they are all gone(all quote balloons grayed out). Therefor, I no longer know which other threads are new/have new replies. I've dealt with this glitch before but can't remember the fix. Just a FYI.
Wonder if anyone else has experienced this.........?
Hmmm really haven't noticed that, but it is a function in the software. I might see if there is any updates. Maybe you should read faster? lol

Take Care!
Hmm, just did it again. Logged in, 6 or 8 or so new....... then looked at my profile for a sec. Came back, all show "read". Weird. Ya, like I said, I had ran into this a few times back in my forum days but can't remember what we did to fix it. Have fun!!