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What are the technical details of this repeater system?
Is there a good place (online) that explains all the technical details of this and the whole Marys Peak repeater system. What type of receivers and transmitters, antennas and towers, e power, links and echolink, and how the whole system works together?
Howdy Barry, has all of the commonly-known details of the 145.130- system. You can also find some info on here: - just look for the frequencies listed on the peak Radio Association web page!

If you really want more information than that, I think that Chris (K7TVL - the owner or co-owner of all the repeaters "on the network") is likely to be the only reliable and current source of information. Most repeater sites aren't very "Open to the public"... despite how much some of us would like to go poking around in them. :^)
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I will build a Tech page on the website so folks can see how things are built. Good idea!
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Sounds good to me Chris!

!!!!!Later Stacey!!!!!
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I agree, I think it would be very interesting and educational. Especially for certain people who may be interested in getting involved in repeater building, such as myself. I know it'll be quite a ways down the road for me and my finances but I am very, VERY interested!!! is a good resource, too.


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