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Weekly HF 80M Net/Rag Chew
This sounds very cool indeed!

However, I've now heard several stories about the frequencies here. I heard something about the net being at 3.825 LSB, and I also heard that it switches over to 40M at some point and goes to 7.250 LSB. Can anyone confirm or deny this for me, please?

I'd love to join the net, but I don't think my transmit antenna is right enough to "get out" right now, and that I'll be relegated to listening. But - I can always try (When I have time).
W0ULF 2011+
ex KF7RJU 2011-2011
ex KC7YNP 1997-2007
Rigs: Heathkit RX-1 Mohawk Receiver and HX-10 Marauder Transmitter, IC-7410 Base HF w/AH-4, IC-2720 Mobile Dual Band, IC-V8000 Go-Bag 2m, IC-2820 base 2m/70cm (That goes to Field Day or goes in the other truck when I'm driving it), Kenwood TH-75A and Icom IC-92AD HTs.
I cn confirm. The HF net was all 80 meters 3.825Mhz the first night. Our second meeting the noise level on 80 was so high we swiched to 40 meters. At this second meeting we had checkins from Idaho, Washington and California. In the mean time several of our number had 40 meters but not 80, so we disided to start on 80 meters at 7:00 PM local time then switch to 40 meters at 7:30.

Ted - KW7RTM
All Around Nice Guy
I've been running the net since day one. Come on down! Only miss the meeting nights. BTW: We moved the time up to 1930 local to allow people who arrive home late time to eat (ahem).

73 Jim KI7AY
Just a reminder to you folks that the HF Net is till alive and well. I also want everyone to know that sometimes I have to move up or down a few KHz to accomodate other folks. There is a LOT of activity on 8m of late, and the cordial guys in Northern California have always been nice enough to allow us to occupy 3.825 MHz in the middle of their chat session, but last Monday night (October 7th) I decided to move around to allow them to use the frequency because of the great propagation. Long story short, unless I am very ill, or it's meeting night, I WILL BE THERE AT 7:30 PM!

Move the dial around if you don't hear the net on 3.825. I try to keep a dialogue going for a few minutes just for that reason. And thanks to Ted KA7CRA for taking the initiative to do just that!

73 Jim
Peak Radio Association Monday Night HF Net
I missed this week. Sad. Got home late. Excited for next week though. I may have a Kenwood TS-590 to try out. Maybe not. You just never know with me.

Chris Underwood, K7UND
STILL GOING guys! Mark the time, date, and approximate frequency on your calendar/phone/computer. Peak Radio Association Monday Night HF net meets every Monday at 7:30 PM Pacific time on 3.825 mhz (LSB) or thereabouts, depending on activity. I encourage all of you to check in, if for nothing else, to make the Net Control Operator happy. That would be me or my grandson Nikolas when he's at the house.

Hope to hear everyone there. And don't forget, if you hear other folks on 3.825 MHZ, tune up and down and listen. I have always been within 5 Khz of 3.825.

73 Jim KI7AY


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