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Vineyard & Buck Mt. Work on Saturday!
Chris-UND and myself will be doing work on the Buck Mt. Link antenna and the new Vineyard Mt. remote receiver tomorrow- Saturday.

The Vineyard remote will have a PL of 107.2
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Let me know if you need my 3 element UHF Yagi and I will have it ready. I believe it has an "N" female attached.
lets use it! im running out of time to get ready.... we are also going to do some 6 meter testing tomorrow as well!
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Sounds good. I will get it down and ready to go. Text me with details about time etc. I can meet you at your place or whatever. TTYL.
6 meters rocks!!! Good luck guys if I wasnt workin id be there!!!
Those who plan and prepare, endure the weather!!
Had a great time today working on Buck Mt. The link yagi made a huge difference on the path noise issues.

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No surprises there. Must be a zillion dB more gain than a mag-mount dummy load.
Yea, we found that the gasket was missing and there was water in it too. It was never intended to go the distance Smile


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