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Tower in Lane County?
I am now in Lane county Dodgy and thinking about putting up my 50ft Tower that I had in Gresham and Sandy Oregon.

Not sure what kind of trouble I might get into down here but at one time, doing emergency packet radio, the city of Gresham said I could not put one up. I found a federal law saying I could, printed it out and hand delivered it to Gresham's attorneys office. never heard another word and I put my tower up.

Now I am looking for that federal law again but still, want to put one up here (between Eugene and Veneta) but understand that Lame county is one of the most expensive and hard to deal with counties in the state.

Anyone know what it takes ?

Thanks and 73
My shack:
Kenwood TS-440S, Kenwood TS-830S  (Just listening) Cushcraft R7000 antenna.
Kenwood TM-V71, Kenwood TM-281, Yaesu VX-5, Baofeng BF-F9 V2+
Icom IC-207, Yaesu FT-1500M, Kenwood TH-721A, Kenwood TM-78A


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