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This is a bill in oregon house as of today!
Those who plan and prepare, endure the weather!!
Thanks Stacey!
I'm also told there is a site,, through which you are able to let your officials know how you feel about different bills (i.e., Gun Control) and solicit their support. The most interesting part is that the site lists a myriad of bills being submitted in Congress, unbeknownst to most of us, however, ones which we should have great interest in. The site is recommended to all who are interested in what is happening in Washington and would like to express your opinion. Those that have used the site say they have gotten more response from their representatives than through the use of regular mail and telephone calls (but I suggest using ALL of these channels to make your voice heard). is also a great tool. You can track any bills being introduced, get email notifications on legislation, see your representatives voting records, etc. At least then, you won't have to suspect when your legislator lies to you, you'll know he/she is a liar for sure.
Thanks Carl!
Those who plan and prepare, endure the weather!!


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