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Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A HUGE, EPIC THANK YOU to everyone who was on the system during my recent crisis, for all their thoughts, prayers and offers of help!!!!!!!!!!
Jessica and the kids turned up mid day Thursday and were fine!!

For those who are NOT aware, here's the nutshell version.
Due to a technical difficulty and a failed communication, my wife and two young children became missing. Like, REALLY missing!!! It turned out, Jessica and the kids were out late Wednesday night and Jessica became tired enough that she was starting to fall asleep at the wheel. So, she did the right thing and got off the road. Even though she was only 30 miles from home, she felt it was better to just grab a motel room for her and the kids for the night. Not to mention it was icy and slick out and there were wrecks all night long.
The problem was with her cell phone. The battery is so weak that it dies frequently and, unlike some cell phones, you can't just put the charger on it and start making calls again. Her's, you have to let it charge quite a while, first.

The last text message I got from her was at 11:30PM and read.....

"I keep falling asleep.", followed by jibberish because she was falling asleep as she typed.

Then, she was trying to text me to let me know her and the kids were safe and staying at the motel for the night, but her phone kept dying. Turn back on, and die, back on, die. At one point, she made it through the whole text message and even hit "SEND", so she THOUGHT the message had gone through to me.
Unfortunately, I never got it.

Since, as far as she knew, she had communicated to me her plans for the night, she didn't feel it was necessary to try to contact me further. She just wanted to SLEEP!! What she didn't know, was that I was at home still wondering where she was and why her and the kids weren't home.

Needless to say, as the night turned into early morning, I started to become very, VERY worried and concerned! I even went out looking for them for a few hours during the night. Once I realized she wouldn't be home by the time I normally go to work(6:00AM), I decided it was time to get the authorities involved.
I also made an announcement over the air on the PRA system during the morning rag chew. The concern, comments, thoughts and prayers from everyone was amazing!!!!!

Chris(TVL) assured me any use of the repeater system necessary to aid in finding my loved ones. Several people were willing to bail on work for the day if I needed them, or drive from Salem and other far places to help. Thank you all for all of it.

It does seem kind of silly that this was all just over a miscommunication and if she had just used the phone in the motel room, none of it would have happened.

But, you know what, that's OK!! I'd rather report my Sweetheart, and the kids, missing and be wrong a THOUSAND times than take their safety for granted even ONCE!!!!

So, once again, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH to all of you who were concerned and worried for us and for offering so much!!!!! Thank you!!!!

-Jeff  Cool
Thats awesome they were ok! sorry i missed that but. You Have my celly number and im only 15 minutes away! Any time day or night jeff! Hope you know that!
Those who plan and prepare, endure the weather!!
Wow, scary man. Goes to show how easy it is to get wires crossed. Glad it all worked out. I would say you need to get your wife a new phone if its tweaking OR get her HAM ticket.
Thanks Stac! Ya, I know that.

Ya, I wish I could get her to sit down long enough to do a bit of study and test out. She's always just not had an interest. You're right Chris, maybe this will inspire her more. She DOES know if she is ever in a real emergency, license or no license, I'm usually only a button press away. I've told her many times in a real emergency, just grab that mic and say "emergency, emergency, emergency, this is Jeff's wife Jessica and I need Jeff -or- I need help!", and I would respond immediately if listening, or about a dozen or more other people who know who she is and even those who don't. And of course, she also knows that means REAL EMERGENCY.

But this time she wasn't the one with the emergency! LOL!

Ya, I'm gonna get her cell replaced, too. Thanks again guys for everything!!
And ya, it was VERY scary!


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