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Thank You/Club Meeting/Intro KF7VHZ
I wanted to introduce myself and say thank you for the repeater upgrade/repair.

I would love to get some information about how to join the Peak Radio Association, and how I can contribute $$$, my time and abilities. I will be unable to make it to the club meeting on Monday night(conflicting meetings)

Welcome to the forum and we are glad to hear your excited to be part of this group. We would love to have you. There is an application process and we can reach out to you in further detail to get started. Thank you for the kind words as well regarding the upgrade. It was a team effort and an amazing day.

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Who do I need to contact to get the application process started?
Noah, for right now, you just need to show up at one of our meetings. Someone will sponsor you , you pay first year's dues and that's it. I've had others asking me this same very question, which prompted me to dispatch an email to the other board members about it and i will also be bringing it up at tonight's meeting, so that we can get some sort of actual paper "application" and maybe even have it available online. Sorry we won't see you this evening. Perhaps next month. And WELCOME!!!!! CATCH YA ON THE AIR!!!!!
-Jeff  Cool
Sounds Great! I noticed that the meetings are always on the 2nd Monday of the month. Is there any other time in the next month that I can meet up with you guys?
Gosh, too bad it's not June already. LOL! Then I'd say, "Heck Yeah!! Field Day!!"! But, alas, it's not June, it's still May. Darn it!
Uummmm, not really. Not that I can think of, anyway, not as a group and not in our official capacity, like the monthly club meeting, unless somebody else can think of something or I'm missing something.(That NEVER happens!)

Ya, sorry. If something falls through with your other engagement, then we'd love to have ya. Otherwise, you may have to just wait until the next meeting. Unfortunately, our current by-laws state that membership is obtained by written application, endorsed by other member and submitted at a regular club meeting. But, until the next meeting, I know EVERYBODY would love to have you hang around on the repeaters and forum, get to know everybody and all that!!! And again, WELCOME!!!

Looking forward to seeing you next time!
Thanks for the information. Ill see if I can postpone tonight's other meeting.
KF7VHZ Wrote:Thanks for the information. Ill see if I can postpone tonight's other meeting.
Well, that's entirely up to you. But I know everyone would love to have you!!!!

If you decide to come, we'll be at the Papa's Pizza on SW 3rd St(99W) in Corvallis @7PM. Hope to see ya!!!

1030 Southwest 3rd Street, Corvallis, OR - 7:00PM


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