TK-705D radios for sale that chris has
Hello Everyone,

I have been getting many calls/emails for the Kenwood TK-705D VHF radios that I have. Its starting to become to much to deal with during the week so I'm going to change the way I am selling the units.

If you want to purchase a radio, I offer the following,

1. Radios will be sold from my house only. 9-10am sat/sun (not from my work)
2. I'm not shipping radios as that is a real pain to deal with
3. Please, no saves or holds

These radios are removed from commerical service and tune from 136-174 Mhz and can encode and decode a seperate PL tone on each channel. The radios are 16 ch units.

Last check I have about 6-45 watt units and 18-25 watt units.

High power units are $65
low power units are $45

Contacting me through Email is the best way at this point, that address is:
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