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TAPR/ARRL Digital Communications Conference
The TAPR/ARRL Digital Communications Conference will be in Seattle, WA this year on Sept 20-22 at the Cedarbrook Lodge. It's a 3-day conference chock full of the latest research and development on amateur digital communications. Past DCCs have had talks by such ham luminaries as Bdale Garbee, the former Debian Linux project leader, Tom Rondeau, project leader for GNU Radio, Bob Bruninga, father of APRS, and Matt Ettus, inventor of the USRP.

Lots of fun will be had by all, and it's only a short Amtrak ride up to Seattle. In addition, if someone wants a ride up, I'll be driving and will probably have a seat available. Feel free to ask me about it at one of our meetings.
Wow, that sounds like fun! And having it so close (Compared to it being in Arizona or Ohio or Maine or something) is really a big plus in my book.

Sadly, September is the start of school and the chance of me getting any time off work between August and January is very, very slim. Especially with the way my employer can't seem to retain employees for any length of time: I'm constantly playing revolving door to a host of people that I have to train, watch for a few months, and then walk out the door again for a better paying job. When it takes three months for us to go through the hiring process, two weeks' notice just isn't enough. I doubt I'll be able to go. Sorry, Jeremy. Have fun, and thanks for the post about it!
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