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Swap Net List for February 21, 2012
The Tuesday Night Swap Net - Online Edition!

My name is Vaughn, W0ULF in Albany, and I will be recording the listings of the Tuesday Night Swap Net each week for John and Cyrel. I will be posting the listings here on the MY513.NET forums. If you see something here that you are interested in, please get in touch with the lister directly via their contact information or send me a private message here and I'll do what I can to relay the traffic.

If you are a lister and would like me to update your list, please send me a private message and let me know what you'd like changed. I'll get to it ASAP. You can also contact me on the 145.130- repeater most evenings after 16:00 PST.

The listings:

ke7uum - Daniel in Salem has two items for sale! They are:
  • A Yaesu FT-1802 - 2m mobile parts radio w/good finals - Wants $25 OBO
  • A working Microna or Radio Shack (He doesn't recall, but can find out upon request) 4.5 amp power supply for $5
[EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] or you can call/text him at 503-884-6491

n7ngx - Judy in Portland would love to find a Kenwood dual band HT for cheap - she even has a 4 year old Yaesu FT-60R in good shape for trade! If you've got any leads for Judy, give her a call at 503-225-3827

k7neo - James in Eugene - is looking for any and all TinyTrak units! - Contact him via the MY513.NET forums!

k7hsi - Fred in Albany -
  • LDG AT-1000pro 1kw autotuner - almost brand new for $275: tonight only!
  • Kenwood MC-80 Desk mic for $65
  • D104 Silver Eagle wired 8-pin Kenwood for $65
  • Has new kenwood speakers $10 New In Box
  • Wants a 6-pin mic (Or just the 6-pin mic plug)
Contact Fred at 541-981-8620 or [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]

w7wil - Jeff in Monroe -
  • wants three rj45 8-pin type mics for Vertex comercial rigs - grey/white comercial would be great
  • A programming cable for the Vertex commercial rigs - Serial to 8-pin RJ45
  • A USB Yaesu FT-7800/7900/8800/8900 data cable
You can reach Jeff on the MY513.NET forums

kf7dpt - Don in Sheridan has an MFJ 949D antenna tuner for $70 - Contact him via the MY513.NET forums or at [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]

wo7z - Tom in Aumsville -
  • Kenwood SP520 speaker - $65
  • Murch 2kw roller inducter tuner w/meter - $125
  • IC-751a w/mic & manual and power cord for $525
  • Used gel cell batteries - Many makes, models, and sizes! Give Tom a call for availability
Tom can be reached at 503-749-2041

ka7gtp - Art in Eugene
  • Hamstick antennas for 75/40/20/17/6 meters - $130 for the set
  • Mirage B34 2m fm/ssb/cw amp - 0.5-5 watts of input generates 35 watts of output power for only $30
  • ARRL Extra-class study book for $15
You can get in touch with Art at [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]

ka7cra - Ted in Philomath is looking for HF wire antenna parts! He needs anything he can get - contact him via the MY513.NET forums or by e-mail at [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]

kf7gym - Gary in Lebanon is looking for a cheap 2 meter or dual band (2m/70cm) base antenna - give him a call at 541-990-5567
W0ULF 2011+
ex KF7RJU 2011-2011
ex KC7YNP 1997-2007
Rigs: Heathkit RX-1 Mohawk Receiver and HX-10 Marauder Transmitter, IC-7410 Base HF w/AH-4, IC-2720 Mobile Dual Band, IC-V8000 Go-Bag 2m, IC-2820 base 2m/70cm (That goes to Field Day or goes in the other truck when I'm driving it), Kenwood TH-75A and Icom IC-92AD HTs.


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