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Swap Net List for December 11, 2012
The Tuesday Night Swap Net - Online Edition!

My name is Vaughn, W0ULF in Albany, and I will be recording the listings of the Tuesday Night Swap Net each week for John and Cyrel. I will be posting the listings here on the MY513.NET forums. If you see something here that you are interested in, please get in touch with the lister directly via their contact information or send me a private message here and I'll do what I can to relay the traffic.

If you are a lister and would like me to update your list, please send me a private message and let me know what you'd like changed. I'll get to it ASAP. You can also contact me on the 145.130- repeater most evenings after 16:00 PST.

[SIZE="5"]The listings:[/SIZE]

k7ydi - George in Eugene - Contact via W7GX
  • George is looking for a National SW54 receiver in decent shape. He's already got one, but the exterior is in sad shape. Let John (W7GX) know if you've got anything!

w7xv - Marv in Eugene - 541-915-0126 cell
  • Marv has a lightly-used G5RV Lite for sale! This is a 57' long dipole that will run on 10-40m, and down to 80m with a tuner. He only had it up a week and he'd like $25 for it.

w7ris - Mike in Corvallis -, or 541-745-7058 at home
  • Looking to add some punch to your signal? Mike has an Ameritron AL-811H amplifier for you! $750 will get you this barely-used 800 watt four-tube amplifier! Comes with the original manual and packaging, this unit has had very gentle use.

w7rmg - Steve in Salem - 503-931-8268
  • FS: Misc. GE, Ericsson, Motorola, Autocom, and other brands of commercial speaker mics!
  • Motorola NTN HT battery chargers
  • Bendix-King LAA battery chargers
  • Make an offer on the whole lot of 'em! Take one, take them all. Steve just wants to get rid of them!

w7wil - Jeff in Monroe - Contact via the W7PRA repeater network!
  • Jeff is looking for an MB-9 quick release mobile bracket for a Kenwood TR-7950. Let him know if you've got one!

kc7nud - Steve in Corvallis - 541-619-7942, or via the 145.130- repeater or MY513.NET forums!
  • Yaesu FT101ZD with optional external secondary VFO, making this a dual VFO rig! Includes mic, manual, service manual, 12v option and fan module! Works great! This is rig is in excellent shape and was recently refurbished by a person with an eye for detail and quality. SOLD 02/27/2013!

kc7rpm - Scott in Lebanon - 541-619-7991 or
  • Scott is looking for some help He's looking to install an 80m loop antenna and would love some help doing it - both physical and advisory! If you have experience doing this sort of work and have some helpful tips, he'd love to hear from you. Also, tennis ball launchers, slingshots, or other methods of getting a line over a tree or other high object would be helpful.

ke7wjp - Dick in Eugene - 541-915-9480
  • FS: Yaesu FT-8800 with separation kit - $350
  • FS: 19" wide equipment rack, approximately 24" deep without doors - $50
  • FS: 8 Track tape recorder! Contact Dick for more information.
W0ULF 2011+
ex KF7RJU 2011-2011
ex KC7YNP 1997-2007
Rigs: Heathkit RX-1 Mohawk Receiver and HX-10 Marauder Transmitter, IC-7410 Base HF w/AH-4, IC-2720 Mobile Dual Band, IC-V8000 Go-Bag 2m, IC-2820 base 2m/70cm (That goes to Field Day or goes in the other truck when I'm driving it), Kenwood TH-75A and Icom IC-92AD HTs.


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