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Stream Live PRA meetings
I hope there is someone who has a decent camera with mic that can hookup to their laptop and stream the club meeting to me in a Bi-directional format so i can take part in it. Maybe use the projector so the group can see the connected users and so on......

Does anyone in our group have the mind set to get this done? This could really improve our attendance!
Club board member
I MIGHT be able to pull this off... but I won't commit to anything. Getting a decent (Dependable and low-enough latency and high enough bandwidth) Internet connection is the key to doing it successfully. I've got all the hardware to do it... I just haven't done it in years. I'll play with it and see if I can get it set up from home before attempting to drag it to Tommy's.

Program of choice? Were you thinking of doing a Skype / Google Chat / Other Chat Program session, or were you thinking of doing a live one-way stream (with text chat) on a web page, like Livestream or ? I suppose any of them would be do-able, if a sufficient Internet connection is available.
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