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SSB QRP Transceiver Kit from Australia
Hi Guys.

I came across a new 40/80m SSB QRP (5-watts) radio kit from Australia that really looks exciting, and is not too expensive. Take a look at this link! Bear in mind that most of the routine components are not including if you buy this kit, so you will have to source them yourself. Digi-key, Mouser and Rad Shack all carry most (if not all) of the electronic components. The case they refer to may be available in the US, but I have not looked.

So if you are interested in building your own 40m or 80m QRP radio, this may be the right one for you!

Warning: READ THE MANUAL before you plunk down money. It may be too difficult for a beginner. I personally would have no problem, but I've built a few kits in my day.

Here's the excerpt from one of my mailing list subscriptions, along with the link:

While off topic I have found a new transceiver offering at

Nice transceiver kit with DDS vfo.

[note: Direct Digital Synthesis is DDS]

Complete manual and kit offerings at the above site.

73 KI7AY
Mine is on order and coming! My wife bought it for me as a birthday present. I may record its assembly.


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