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!!!Repeater Antenna Donations!!!
Hey guys, as most of you know the antennas on Mary's Peak have had issues due to ice and weather fatigue! I am starting a donation call to help with the cause! I would like to see some commercial grade antennas go up, that will endure 10 plus years! But they are not cheap!!K7TVL has put a lot of time and money into this for all of us to use and enjoy. Lets help him out, and by that I mean help improve the system we use! This will be a major improvement from what we have now, in terms of performance and maintenance!!  Donations large and small add together to make it happen! Club Corporation papers have been filed with the State of Oregon- Once accepted, you can donate to the club- until then please use the following.

If you wish to send a Check, please make them out to Stacey Slocum and the address is:
1520 SW Allen St.
Corvallis OR 97333

Here is the PDF spec sheet of the antennas we are going to buy. We need to purchase two of them, one to Receive and one to Transmit. Our purchase price is $960 each/ $1920 total.   (list price is $1100-1375 each)


So far we have the following support:

K7UND  $100
K7SGS  $100
K7TVL   $400
KE7ZKH  $50
WO7Z    $25
K7NEO   $25
KA7CRA  $50
N7LOH  $100
KL2BO   $25
KF7EFS  $50
KB7X     $100
WA6RHK $100
W7PAT  $25
 -------- $50
W7WIL   $50
KD4HWU $50
KF7EFS $50
KE7UUM $25
W7EET  $70
WB7RAB $50
Remaining funds needed $425 (As of 4/08)
Those who plan and prepare, endure the weather!!
Hey Stacey,put me down for $50.00.Who should I send the money order to,and where?
radioactive since 1990
I even glow in the dark
Put me down for $50 as well.
Ted - KW7RTM
All Around Nice Guy
Thanks Guys!! And George Im not sure let me get back to ya when I know Thanks!!
Those who plan and prepare, endure the weather!!
Where do we send a check? Made out to PRA?
We have updated the info above for those mailing checks/MO. Sorry guys!
Club board member
Stacey,scratch the $50.I will send a c-note this coming payday.I like the 513 a lot.I met a bunch of good folks here,
radioactive since 1990
I even glow in the dark
Will do Bud and thanks so much!!!
Those who plan and prepare, endure the weather!!
I'm thinking at least $25
Host and Co-Creator of A.G.O.N.
Dale, KL2BO
I'm in for $50. Stan


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