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Question related to: Oregon's Mobile Communication Device" Law.
Although ORS 811.507 is principally concerned with cell phone use and texting. Car pooling from Philomath to Salem 4 days a week I've seen plenty of reason for this rule. As I read the law it would directly apply to mobile amateur radio use.

With that in mind I bought a headset with boom mike for my HT. Being a novice I'm still doing a lot of reading. I just came across an article stating that headsets are illegal in some states. I can't find if that is the case for Oregon.

My headset is VOX capable, but I'd be concerned about keying the repeater with ambient noise. What are the options for mobile operations if that's the case.

Thanks Ted
Hey Ted,

Have you talked to KI7AY about this yet? As I recall, he has done a lot of work with the laws in Oregon in regards to ham radio use. He's a treasure trove of information!

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I was just reading over a copy of this not too long ago because I'm a novice myself. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think it applies to amateur radio use:

Quote:(3) This section does not apply:


(i) To a person who holds a valid amateur radio operator license issued or any other license issued by the Federal Communications Commission and is operating an amateur radio;
Cool. The link you provided was the 2009 law that was just amended. I found HB3186.b which amends 811.507.

Effective as of the first of the year. And the exception you found is still there! Wahoo! I'm saving my money for a HF rig and don't wish to add $142 to the State's coffers by talking out of turn. I get in enough trouble for that already without having to pay.
Thanks for that link.It answered my questions.....yessss,
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