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Pep "hold" swr/power meter
This was actually just for the Kenwood TS590 for people who were reporting low power issues on that rig but I thought this was really useful information applicable to ANY SSB radio.

All you HF/SSB'ers out there who see this and go "Duhh!", please forgive my ignorance. As I haven't gotten my General yet, I haven't done much, if any SSB yet so it was news to me. And for anyone who DOES use SSB in HF or anywhere and didn't know this, here ya go.

I just thought it was really interesting to see how responsiveness of power meters relate to a SSB signal. And it also shows a lot about how SSB and power relate according to how you modulate the mic(without a carrier) for those who don't know.

(Also, doesn't have to be a Daiwa meter. Just needs to be one that has PEP HOLD.)
-Jeff  Cool


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