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PTT App Android/iPhone
I guess this is where to put this.

Anyway, a week or two ago, I heard Jim and Stac talkin on the air about something when I was at work so I couldn't really respond even though it was almost break time, but when break rolled around, they were gone or moved on to another topic. What they were talkin about that I was going to respond to was some Push-to-Talk app for Android/iPhone which I can't remember the name of. It's sort of like Nextel's PTT service. But it gave me the idea to share something here. They were talkin about how the app was cool and all, but sucked the battery dry and hogged all the phone's resources.

I proudly present...... TiKl!!! (pronounced like, "tickle" T-i-K-l)
I know, stupid name, but this is pretty cool and fun to play with and most importantly, Jim and Stacey, and everybody else, it's really light weight. Jessica and I used it all the time and it doesn't use up your battery or system memory like that. You don't even really turn it on or off, it just stays in the background running once it's installed. It only opens the UI when you want to call or someone calls you.

Running right now on my DroidX, it's only using 9.5MB just sitting there.(just dropped to 9.2, was 12MB earlier, but I think was updating) Echolink is using 10MB and earlier was using 11. Pandora's using 14MB. General Android settings process is using 15MB. So it really doesn't use much.

Anywho, obviously, it's not that hard to just tap once or twice to a contacts number and wait a couple seconds for them to answer and have a full duplex conversation but for just real quick contacts or to just play with, it's really cool and really handy(Like maybe when working at a repeater site! Hint-Hint!). And it won't eat up your phone's memory/battery!!

Like I said, Jess and I used the crap out of it!! We don't anymore, just because our Android phones got shut off, but when we were, we did notice the occasional, minor bug or glitch, but nothing just restarting it(TiKl PTT, NOT the phone) wouldn't fix and that was some time and many updates ago. People seem to really like it so the developer really keeps it up to date and fixes minor glitches pretty quick. I also used it with Daniel, KE7UUM.

Check it out!!!! Also does chat/text/messenger stuff I think but the PTT is the main part. Also, you can talk to more than one person at a time, just like a real radio. You can find it in Android's Google Play(app Market) and on iPhone's app store. I'm getting another Android phone soon and I'm definitely going to install it again!!
Here's some info........

Have fun!! Later!!
-Jeff  Cool
I'm trying it but it is not verifying my account when I click on the link in the SMS message it automatically sent me.
Zello is the app I use!
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