Off the Repeater
I will be off the repeaters until I can move due to my antenna restrictions here. I am to noisy into the system and have to listen to 3 different sites to hear it clearly. so if anyone needs me you can e-mail or call me. till then catch you all at the meetings. Later on DUDES!!
Brad NK8J
Sounds like we need Echolink back up!! Smile
-Jeff  Cool
I'm sure Chris will get Echolink back up when he gets a chance, Will. I know he hasn't forgotten about it - the weather is still too good for him to forgo outdoor repeater work in order to do indoor server work. I'm glad Chris isn't like my dad was - my dad would put-off anything I bugged him about just to spite me for bugging him, heh. Only problem is: if I didn't bug him, he'd forget about the project I wanted help with!

Brad - sorry to hear about the antenna restrictions! Those suck! I found out that the place I am living HAD some CC&Rs that were in place during the construction of my sub division in Albany, but that the company dissolved the CC&Rs when they dissolved the company that built the subdivision. Turns out, they only wanted the CC&Rs to protect the property values while they were actively building and selling homes. Once they finished the last one and the one-year warranty on the last house expired, they didn't really care any more and dissolved the company and the CC*Rs that went with it.


That being said, I'm still trying to be polite and considerate and not put up a big antenna farm on my tiny lot in town. A few VHF/UHF antennas and wire inverted V's on the back of the lot that aren't visible from the street is all I'm going to do.
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