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New Prairie Mountain remote receiver PL110.9
I have installed a new REMOTE RECEIVER on Prairie Mt. with a PL of 110.9

At times over the years there is noise the comes in and out on Marys peak summit at the repeater location. until now, all you could do was increase power or go to another repeater in the system. You now have the option of changing PL so you can access a much more quiet tower site. Its 12 miles South of Marys at 3,350Feet elevation. The antenna is a 4 bay array at the 160ft level on the tower. This location will prove to be very sensitive and should work out well.

**Remember, the repeater always encodes a PL of 100.0
Marys receiver decode PL100.0
Prairie receiver decode PL110.9

Any questions? let me know
Club board member


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