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New HF setup
Picking this stuff up today. An FTDX1200 and a Buddipole. Now if I can figure out how to put this antenna together. Seriously. The book that comes with it is pretty much an in-depth antenna theory guide. Wish me luck.

[Image: TJc4lrMl.png]

[Image: dO3pY8vl.jpg]
I almost bought a buddy pole. Let me know how it works. I still may buy one.

Chris Underwood
My first go-round... can't get it to tune on 40m. But it's pretty much right between two houses that are 20 feet apart if I'm lucky. These are built with fiber cement siding. I'm betting that isn't very RF friendly. I'll probably try it a little more in the clear tomorrow. Although we have a small lot. There is nowhere I can put it more than about 20 feet from a house.

Update: user error. it tunes on 10m just fine. and it will probably tune on 40m when I set it up right. it's not really bad changing it around from one band to another. and the fact that my radio has a tuner sort of tells me if I'm in the ball park. although it's a good idea to have an antenna analyzer with this type of antenna. that's $300 I didn't want to spend.
Nice. Just checked into a 40m net a few minutes ago. This seems to be working about as well as could be expected. Maybe a bit better.I'm pretty ignorant of HF operating practices. So it will be a learning experience. I did make a contact on 10m as well. I haven't actually had a conversation. But I think hearing the other person accurately say my call counts as a contact. Smile
K7UND Wrote:I almost bought a buddy pole. Let me know how it works. I still may buy one.

Chris, one of the things I had failed to consider... is that the buddipole is not meant to be out in the weather. So that would mean setting it up whenever I want to operate, and taking it down when I am done. That's a little more hassle than what I'd planned on.

But in my case, my radio has two antenna connections. And I can set up one for transmit and the other for receive. I may just string a long wire for receive, and use the buddipole to transmit. At least that way I can listen without having to setup the buddipole.


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