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Near space ballon project. (Request to post on last SwapNet).
#1 is the shop a few computer nerdy guys started up a few months back. Mostly for working on projects that you would normally do in your garage if you had the room and the tools.

The ballon project is here ( ). Though we have not updated it much, as it's way to cold to go running around Eastern Oregon tracking it down. We have penciled in March as a launch date as trip 1. We have 4 video camera's and 1 digital camera to track the trip. An old RadioShack 2meter with a TinkyTrak for APRS.

Trip 2 and beyond we are talking about if we can scrounge up an old cold war time radiation detector that we can repurpose to log time/temp/location/humidity/rads, etc.. etc..

I have to say the build and getting parts was not as hard as I would have thought. What I do know is part of the challenge is the price of the helium. OUCH!. We talked about (thought experiment) of how would could do it out of hydrogen instead. It's cheaper, with more lift, but.. We finally had a voice of reason go over all the safety precautions we would have to take with that much hydrogen gas. Whooha, yeah, we are back to chipping in for the helium, more expensive but in that volume much less dangerous.
Wow what a cool project, you will have to keep us posted on the progress. I cant wait for the launch I will have to get the beam up so I can track the baloon flight untill it is out of range at least.

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There is a near-space ballon exploration club at LBCC.
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