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Meeting Ettiquette
I just wanted to take a second to throw out here a couple things I've noticed in the last few meetings that should probably be addressed. And first off, this is entirely just my opinion, nothing more or less, but still a couple things I think should be brought up. If I'm completely wrong, then it was nothing more than my opinion.

Second, I'm not putting this here for a debate, to hurt anyone's feelings or to start any arguments or flame wars and I am not going to name any names. If anyone has anything they've noticed that they want to add, feel free but let's keep it positive to the growth and development of the club and club meetings.

I've just noticed a few things that, in my opinion, could be improved on if we are going to be serious about this club and group(I know I am) and want other people to see that we are when they come for the first time to one of our meetings or events.
Just like Chris's suggestion for people to order their food by 6:30 so as to not disturb the group once the meeting starts. That was a great idea!

First, I think when someone has the floor, and is making an announcement, suggestion or presentation, it's everyone else's responsibility to give that person their full attention. It seems too often that when some else starts speaking, some people adjourn to their own quiet space and start having their own conversation at whisper level. Obviously, this is going to happen in some instances for small things, like last night when I snuck over to ask Sean for a copy of the last meetings minutes. That was simply because I was unavoidably delayed causing me to be just a minute or two late, which I want to publicly apologize to everyone for right now, by the way! Those instances are fine, but some people seem to do this to greater extent/duration and almost every or every other time someone speaks. And just for the record, it's not the same people every time. I've noticed this with a few different people. Again, I'm not naming any names here and this is all just my opinion, but to me, that does seem just a tad rude and/or disrespectful. I know if I'm addressing the group, and I see part of the group off talking amongst themselves, it sure doesn't make me feel like what I'm saying is all that important to everyone or appreciated.

The other thing I wanted to address is that, again in my opinion, announcements and suggestions are just as important near the end of the meeting as they are at the start of the meeting. I know after an hour and a half to two hours, everyone's getting a little antsy and thinking about getting out of there, but sometimes things come up near the end of the meeting that need to be addressed no differently than they would in the beginning and it just seems lately like anything brought up near the tail end gets sort of lost in the anticipation of "getting the hell out of there"! Big Grin

I want people to know that this group, club and the people in it mean very much to me and I personally do take it very serious and I think we have built something that is not only tremendously incredible that just seems to be taking off under it's own, positive power, but is also something for the history books!!
I hope everyone will join with me to do everything we can to make it the absolute best it can be, making improvements along the way so that when new people come along or stop by, they say to themselves right away, "this is the kind of group I want to be a part of!!"


That's all I had. Thanks for letting me say my peace.

-Jeff  Cool
Thanks Jeff,

I also agree. I have been guilty as well with side conversations as we still try figuring out how the meeting should flow from the Robert's Rules perspective. One thing that was brought to my attention last night as well is that it is just too loud in there. There is music playing, lots of folks eating pizza etc. We are looking for alternatives as well to have a quieter meeting place. This will help I firmly believe.
I would agree on the side conversations everybody should be paying attention to what is going on. I would also like pitch my 2 cents in aobut the pizza parlor it is not laid out very well for meeting pourposes either. hopefully in the future we could find a litlle better place. Just on side note I would like to thank you Jeff for bringing it up. You are a Real Good Egg in my book. and dont worry about bieng late at least you made it Smile

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Ya, the noise level was something I noticed as well. A real shame because, in my opinion, the location and venue is actually ideal. Not to mention the fact that the folks workin there are really cool! They don't pressure everyone to eat and spend money and they don't keep buggin' us and they just leave us alone to do our thing.
It's just the occasional environment of the venue. I don't recall it being that noisy the last two meetings. It's simply a matter of coincidence if we happen to have our meeting the same time as say, a birthday party or something.

I'm also aware that some of the people doing the "side conversations" are actually discussing club procedural stuff since things are still new and everyone's still learning. I'd just like to see, perhaps, those quick little side discussions happen maybe quickly, in between presentations/announcements or just wait until the person's done talking. And as I said, it's not just certain people, it's a few different people. I'm sure some of it is procedural stuff and will begin to eliminate itself as time goes on and everyone gets better at the procedures and rules. As for the other, off topic, side discussions(which are few but do exist), it just needs to stop. We're all adults. We can show newcomers we're just like any other club out there....or....we can show them we are THEE CLUB!!

Don't know 'bout you all, but I prefer the latter!Cool
What Jeff is speaking of is called, Point Of Order.........

This is something that has not come up at all. I have allot of experience with this and shame on me for not helping our chairman with running the meetings better..... Stacey, I'm sorry and Jeff is right. this will not be happening anymore and we will make sure that everyone can hear the current person speaking and the chairman running the meeting. There is normally a second person help with POO (point of order) and i will commit to helping with this.

As for the location- there are changes under way as it was WAY to loud.... that with our side bar conversations made it hard....

We can do better and will!
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Well said everyone! We obviously all respect each other and hopefully going forward there will be less "business" and more "fun". We have some growing pains which is normal. Actually it is a good problem to have. It means we have a good sized group! Sweet!!!

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Im still figure out the RROO.. But ill get it soon like I said when nominated that its all new to me! So im learning, sorry for the learning curve!

!!Later Stacey!!
Those who plan and prepare, endure the weather!!
I know there are a few meeting rooms in town that we may be able to get, but we may need to be prepared to pay a fee. The fire station near my house has a public meeting room as does the Corvallis Public library. How suitable these are in terms of avalibility, price and size I do not know but I will look into it.

Something to consider - schools often have greatly reduced rental rates for non-profit public service groups - sometimes even free. :^)

If anyone is interested in moving the meeting to Albany, I can easily get info any day of the week, as the person that does facilities booking sits within shouting distance of my desk at work. :^)
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Well, I just want to say that I am very impressed with the response and support regarding these issues. To be honest, I really wasn't sure how well it would be received. Of course, as most of you know, I tend to over think things sometimes. I'm not really anal or OCD, I'm just methodical. LOL!! Or, as one of Stacey's friends(who was that Stac? Mike? Chad?) riding with him in the truck one day said, I'm "thorough". LOL!!!

Anyway, I really appreciate everyone stepping up to help address these growing pains and continuing to make it a joint improvement. Like we all said from the very beginning, we wanted this to be serious, but have fun at the same time, sort of a middle ground. Having that middle ground with two separate dynamics trying to work together creates a bit of friction at times and seeing all of us jump all over it together just proves even more how well this group works together. I'm proud to be a part of that!
Thanks to everyone!



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