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Lorain inverters / chargers
I have some telco type Lorain equipment that needs to go. All of this equipment is for use with a 48 volt battery bank. These are commercial type units and can run at 100% load continuously if needed.

(2) 3kW 120v ConstAC inverter / UPS with built in charger. One pulled working, one has a blown battery fuse - no other troubleshooting done as we never ended up putting both online (our load was <3kW.) These are big, noisy when inverting, reasonably heavy, and produce a beautiful sine wave. Model is WDA302B

(1) 1kW 120v inverter / UPS (think this one does not have the built in charger) pulled working when we outgrew it and moved to one of the 3kW units. This is a cute little unit is on wheels and the level of noise that it makes is not out of place in a data center. Model is WAA102B

(2) 50 amp switching type rectifiers. Working when pulled. These where setup master-slave to act as a single 100 amp charger, but can be ran as singles by changing jumpers.I believe that these can be run from 120v or 240v depending on the taps selected. I don't recall these making any appreciable noise. Model is RL30F50 note that these are about half the height of the same model pictured on Google. Newer design?

This equipment was used in a data center until it was shut down and disassembled. It is older equipment, but darn near bulletproof! Good stuff.

I have books somewhere for everything except the 1kw inverter. However I may not be able to locate the books as they are lost in a move. If you are interested in any of this equipment, send me a PM and I can get some pictures and model numbers.
The 3 kVA units look like these. (not actual units)
[Image: Lorain%20WDA-front_jpg.jpg]
[Image: Lorain%20WDA_jpg.jpg]


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