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Left at Long Tom after Field Day.
Green Camp Chair left at field day site. Found at Sean's station. Belongs to, or formerly belonged to Mrs. Meretta Errands.

Maybe? Contact me.
Ted - KW7RTM
All Around Nice Guy

I'm going through my pictures and the ones the WZA gave me, and I've found several green canvas camp chairs at various stations on Saturday. Some have brown paint, some black paint. Could you please send me a PM with the color of the paint? I'll send you pictures of what I find with matching colors, and maybe we can narrow down where it goes based on where it was on Saturday.
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Its mine! Thanks for posting this. I could pick it up at the next meeting if someone could bring it? Thanks
I will do my best. We are driving back from Idaho the day of the PRA meeting. I am planning to attend, but stuff can happen. Regardless I'll get the chair to you. I have a kid that lives in Eugene. If the meeting doesn't work maybe a handoff can happen there.
Ted - KW7RTM
All Around Nice Guy
If you are not sure you will make the meeting Ted, I can it.



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