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KI7AY Ham Shack
Here are a few pix. Note the perfectly aligned GP-9 antenna. It is seen about 30 feet away from the Television Antenna (which was obviously installed by a professional).
Hey Jim, your shack is looking good, but the tie-dye has to go :-)
Great looking Shack Jim, I think the Tie Dye adds some class. I reall like the color you painted it Smile
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Great job Jim. Someday I'll have one.
Very nice Jim great job!!!!

Those who plan and prepare, endure the weather!!
Long wire is now sloper. Ice and snow broke it off the far end. Karma says now is the time for me to hook it to that tree I had denuded about another 60 feet away. Now, how to climb up a 45 foot tall tree, drill 1 inch hold through trunk, and put in large eyebolt. Ok, maybe 1/2 inch hole. Anyway. ladder won't reach that high. Sigh.
Bummer deal!! Need some climbing boots and a chain saw.... Oh and a guy to do it!!
Those who plan and prepare, endure the weather!!
How high do you need to go and can you drive up to the tree? I have a bucket truck that goes up around 25'.

Chris Underwood (K7UND)
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25 feet is not high enough. Also, you can't drive anywhere near that tree until it has stopped raining for at least a month. But if you had one that would go 50 feet, now THAT would be COOL! Or even 45 feet. And I have plenty of property on which you could store your vehical.

73 Jim
Looks like I will re-attach the long wire to my barn this weekend, unless for some reason I have a crazy burst of superhuman strength and resolve on Saturday. But probably not going to happen.

73 Jim


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