It's time to get it done
So were you at in the amateur community? No license, Technician or General class. Gee I like to get my ham license or up grade my ham license, I think I will when I have the time! Well then, what are you waiting for, YOU can do it! Just set some time a side if only one hour a day, You have a hour a day don’t you? And you will find in a month or so you ready to go and take the test. The longer you wait the harder it is.
You can go to and take the practice Amateur Radio Exams and it don’t cost you anything but your time. Take it from a old ham! It is time to get it done.
Hey Guy’s if I can do it then anyone can, if you want it then get to work and go for it, you will be glad you took the time. Don’t let a friend say’s can you me on xxxxx and you have to say sorry I can’t go there, that out of my license class! Now if you start today day and work hard at it this time next year you will be a Extra Class! Something to thank about don’t you think?
Then when your friend say’s can you go to xxxxx you can say I can go wherever you like I have a Extra class license, Just how cool would that will be.

Your right Wayne!!

!!Later Stacey!!
Those who plan and prepare, endure the weather!!


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