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Ham Radio Tower Permit?
I live in Benton County. Recently I've listened to 2 QSO talking about Towers and Permits. I am just starting to seriously think about what it will take to erect the tower I bought last summer. Can any one confirm if I need a permit or not in Benton County?

Ted - KW7RTM
All Around Nice Guy

Good for you! I don't have any good info beyond "Jeremy, NH6Z has some recent experience with this, and has a legal background that greatly enhances said experience".

If you need and or want help when the time comes to put it up, let us know! I'll do what I can to help.
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ex KF7RJU 2011-2011
ex KC7YNP 1997-2007
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Any structure in excess of 10 feet tall needs a permit in Benton County.

I am now officially an ARRL Volunteer Counsel. In that capacity, I will do an initial half-hour consult with any ham regarding tower issues for free. Additional time is at a substantially discounted rate (less than 50% my normal rate).
Thanks Jeremy. I'll attempt to draw my plans. And see where things go.
Ted - KW7RTM
All Around Nice Guy
Also note that if you need engineering help, that the ARRL also has Volunteer Consulting Engineers. I used Hank Longberg (KR7X) in Beaverton for my tower. His email is There's also Sam Corbin (KF7BUC) who is a member of the Valley Radio Club in Eugene. Her email is The VCE program encourages engineers to provide an initial consultation for free, like the VC program. After that, Hank gave me a substantially discounted rate for his services. It still wasn't cheap, but it did work. Note that I had to get engineering done because I was using something that was not a standard Rohn installation.
What about down in Jackson county ? still need a permit ?


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