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Halloween AGON 2014
This last Friday'€™s AGON took place in my barn in South Salem (the camper was a little too small for the two of us, the radio, computer and audio gear). Chris W7WZA and I had a blast covering the net with the horses and chickens even if we had the usual stupid technical difficulties and little to no comfort heat.
We thought it would be fun if everybody checked into the net using what we called "Halloween Phoentics". Man, folks came up with some good ones. For the stations that couldn'€™t come up with their own Halloween Phonetics, we had "Elvira"€ the computer help them out.

We would like to thank all the spooks, ghouls, zombies and other dead souls who checked into our Halloween net:

1. Killed 7 Insane Bloody Spooks  - Cal - Central Point
2. KF7-Very Quiet Ghost - Bob  - Corvallis
3. NW7-Ogre Ranting - Richard - Salem
4. W7-Midaevil Terrifying Lunatic - Craig - Dallas
5. Krueger Ghoul 7 Evil Boo Icabod - Mike - Corvallis
6. KF7-Kills Jack-O-Lantern Impersonators - Christopher - Corvallis
7. KG7-Casulu's Silent Service - Richard - Portland
8. Awful Frightful 7 Lotta Blood - Matt - Eugene
9. W7-Constantly Torments Witches  - Bob - Portland
10. W7-Cadaver Yawning Aggressively - Tom - Stayton
11. KC7-New Underground Devil - Steve - Corvallis
12. Killed All 7-Horrible Bogey Boys - Mike - Polk County
13. KF7-Gruesome Ghost Nightmare - Scott - Corvallis
14. KG7-Awesome Vampire Geezer - Jerry - Eugene
15. KG7-Likes Possessed Demons - Robert - Albany
16. W7-Creepy Haunting Dracula - Chad - Albany
17. N7-Insane Jumpy Lunatic - Ralph - Merlin
18. W0-Unusually Lethargic Frankenstein - Vaughn - Albany
19. KG7-Loud Yelling Werewolf - Travis - Albany

We also had a trivia question for everyone to answer if they wanted to and it was as follows:

Who (what company) made the first FM 2 meter synthesized transceiver available for the ham radio market?

A. Icom           B. Gonset         C. Clegg         D. Yaesu

The answer was Clegg. The Clegg FM-27B was the brainchild of the late ham radio equipment developer Edward T Clegg, W2LOY/ W3LOY, owner of Clegg Labs in Lancaster, PA.
An advertisement for the FM-27B appeared in a May 1973 issue of QST magazine and retailed for $479 (that'€™s $2500 in today'€™s dollars).

Soon to follow that same year was the ICOM IC-230 with a retail price of $489.

The Gonsets were manufactured in the early 50'€™s, but were designed to operate on AM, SSB, and CW only using crystals and VFO'€™s.

Yaesu came out with the FT-227, which was also manufactured with a PLL synthesizer, but the ham world didn'€™t see that transceiver until about 1977.

See: The FM Revolution in the October 2014 issue of QST magazine, by Amateur Radio Newsline's Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF.

The stations that answered the question correctly were:

Good job guys, well done.

Our plan is to do AGON again on Black Friday (November 28th?) circumstances permitting.

Shack Rigs: Kenwood TS-2000, Yaesu FTM-400, Alinco DR-235
Mobiles: 3 Kenwood TM-V71A dual banders in each rig, 1 Alinco DR-235
HT's: Kenwood TH-F6A, Yaesu VX-7R, Yaesu FT1XD.



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