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HF antenna for on the go
Hey Folks,

Underwood is now a "General". So, I'm looking for something I can take with me and use. I don't wish to put up a tower nor do I have a large lot. Any suggestions?

Chris Underwood, K7UND
Congrats on achieving "generalhood"! Smile

As for antennas, are you in a really small lot or are you restricted to apartment? -- In my case, I am in a small townhouse with no yard, so I've been using a fairly portable system consisting of an Elecraft KX3 + a Buddipole, at local parks or at my parents' house. It's pretty good but with 10-watts and an antenna mast that only goes up about 12-feet it can be tougher to make contacts. In the apartment I have an AlexLoop (25-watt limit) antenna that actually works surprisingly well, but it's still a compromise. Do you have enough room to set up a small wire dipole, you think? Any trees nearby that you could run a wire to?
Evan K7FOS (Formerly KF7VFU)
Thanks. I own my home, it's a standard city lot. I do have a tree in the front yard and a street tree out the back. I will play with wires most likely. Jim, KI7AY helped me build a 40m dipole with a 4:1 Balun at field day. I will start with it. I would like to get on 20 and 75 too though.

Chris Underwood, K7UND


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