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Greetings from Creswell
I would like to say hello to the group from my QTH on the western edge of Creswell. I was finally able to dig my radio out of the garage where it had been languishing since our move back in July. I found the 145.13 repeater after scanning the band, and finding it to be one of the few repeaters with activity. I am currently running an Alinco DR-110T with a twin-lead j-pole antenna.
Rigs: Baofeng UV-5R, Alinco DR-110T, Realistic HTX-100
Antenna: Stock 2m/440 rubber duck, 2m twin-lead J-pole
Well welcome aboard!! Glad to have you here and on the repeater. 513 is linked to portland all the way to southern most oregon! Hope to catch ya on the system!!

!!!!!Later Stacey!!!!!
Those who plan and prepare, endure the weather!!


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