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Got some new toys...
Got a new Kenwood D-710G for the Tahoe and the Comet CAA-500 antenna analyzer. Going to bed happy! Jim (KI7AY), going to need some APRS education. The 710 I got has a GPS in it already so that's a start.

[Image: a781085d71a4fee7c95cd8cc014f7307.jpg]
[Image: 9582f99f08c0b1d344c4ae2c2a569941.jpg]
[Image: 674d17c5dfc0400faa0bd87b7f507aed.jpg]
[Image: 67759da0a717f61bae580dcd5aeb9db8.jpg]

Chris Underwood
Wow Chris, very cool! Looking slick. I really like how you've got the control cable for the D-710G routed out of sight. I hope it all works out great for you!

I haven't had much chance to play with the Kenwood mobiles, but the Albany City Hall just got one and I'm going to have to get better with it. They certainly aren't like the Icoms I'm used to.
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I really like the looks of that analyzer. I know most folks go for the MFJ one, but this Comet looks way nicer.

Addendum: Heh, just checked the HRO website. Apparently Comet also thinks it's nicer. Smile
Hey Chris, thanks for the idea on that analyzer! HRO currently has a special $60 off on that puppy. It's on it's way! I think that's the perfect companion to my Buddipole. The Buddipole is the kind of antenna that can really benefit from an analyzer.
Excellent. I love it. Dialed in my mobile antenna also.

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Very nice! Have fun. Smile


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